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4 Seasons Cup 2014

13-14th September
River Thames, Bream


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Articles on the site..

Carpin' On by Chris Collins

Chris C finds himself with a bit more spare time on his hands and decides to return to a lake he'd not fished in some time...Read more

Bure Bliss by Duncan Philps

Duncan Philps takes us down memory lane once more with a tale of a winter piking in Norfolk...Read more


Sonning Gravel Pit - Opportunity Knocks by Duncan Philps

Our resident Pike expert Duncan Philps takes us down memory lane with a tale of a particularly memorable time fishing one of the South-East's toughest gravel pits...Read more


SAS 4 Seasons Cup - Round 4 - Barbel by Sy Heighes

The SAS Angling 4 Seasons cup reaches it's climax with a Barbel match on Berkshire's River Kennet...Read more

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